Juan Salas Coquet

Juan Salas Coquet


German School Alexander Von Humboldt, A.C.  1966 – 1978

Universidad Iberoamericana
Graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with the thesis “The charges and fines as elements of responsibility for the failure of tax obligations.” 1978 – 1982.

Experience in litigation
He began the practice in the area of ​​Corporate Law in 1981, serving in the law firm of Santamarina & Steta SC (Baker Botts), in the corporate area headed by Mr. Fernando Loera Sarabia.

In 1982, he founded Pinto & Salas Abogados, being in charge of important issues relevant to family level litigation, civil and “Amparo”.

Since its foundation based on free access to legal issues, not compromised by any means made the firm acquire extensive experience in several specialized legal disciplines on Mexican law, which currently constitute it as one of the most prestigious trial lawyers firm in Mexico keeping updated due to constant training and team work.

Specialist in the research, analysis and application of Family Civil law, Commercial, Corporate, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation and “Amparo”.

The firm has represented individuals as well as corporations recognized on the national and transnational business platforms on civil and family law, as well as external counseling.

Constitution and built expertise responding on the demands of the XXI Century.

On the fall of 2012, Juan Salas Coquet decided to undertake the ambitious project of starting his own firm, with the prestige that has distinguished him due to the vast experience that has allowed him to stay ahead in the various branches of law litigattion.

The firm specializes in the areas of “Amparo” and family law, civil, commercial, corporate, commercial procedural and civil procedure.

Now ready to litigate on the Oral Litigation due to the Judicial Reform of the State of the Mexican Republic.